There's Hope
Where You Are...
Connect Connecting people with the covenant love of Jesus Christ first, so that they have the courage and compassion to live life abundantly. Educate The purpose of God’s word is to instruct us in righteousness, and is defined as “to go forward” and “to disciple.” Restore Christian Fellowship is to give back to people in our community and offer hope. Our approach is holistic, encompassing the spirit, soul, and body of those in our community in need.

Connect, Educate, and Restore

Our mission is to Connect, Educate and Restore Hope To Our Community
and Beyond Through the Love Of Jesus Christ!

We utilize the Biblicial teachings of Jesus Christ as the framework, coupled
with community based collaborations in order to restore hope to our
community and beyond. It’s been a wonderful journey and we look forward
to meeting you along the way.

Join Us This Weekend!

We welcome all visitors at Bethel and would love to have you join us.

3447 NE Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78218

Sunday Mornings 11 am

Bible Study
Wednesday Evening 7 pm